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Articles 20 WordPress Header Graphics + 50 Additional Header Graphics $15.00
Here's is a unique collection of 20 high quality WordPress headers that fit into the default theme of WordPress. As a bonus we have included 50 additional headers that you can use on other websites such as niche mini websites and others. Special discount to the first 10 buyers!
Articles Accounting Articles $10.00
Learn the workings of accounting with these 50 plr articles.
Articles Acid Reflux Articles $5.00
Acid reflux is very serious for some people are will pay anything to have some relief. Check out these 25 articles to capture this audience and profit from them while at the same time helping them.
Articles Adaware And Spyware Articles $5.00
All computer users have a problem with adaware and spyware at least once and it can be nerve racking. Help them out with these great 25 articles and enjoy the affiliate products that you can sell to them to fix their problems.
Articles Adjustable Rate Mortgage Articles Pack $5.00
This article pack contains 12 articles on adjustable rate mortgages. The mortgage business is in the worst crisis in history. People are losing their homes left and right due to shady adjustable rate mortgages. Help these people out with these article or profit from these desperate people by collecting referral payments for referring this people to new lenders. Some of these articles are over 800 words each.
Articles AdSense Articles Pack $10.00
AdSense is the bread of the majority on Internet Marketers. They need guidance and you can provide it to them, for a fee, with these articles. Take charge today!
Articles Affiliate Marketing Articles $10.00
This article pack contains 35 articles relating to affiliate marketing. The articles are of very good quality and if you do clickbank affiliate sales, then you can use these articles to tie in some great affiliate products from the clickbank marketplace or other affiliate programs.
Articles Air Purifiers Articles $5.00
Allergy sufferers spend hundreds of millions of dollars combined yearly to help fight their allergies and most of that cash goes towards airpurifiers. It is no wonder why this niche is high paying. Capture this audience with these 25 articles and direct them to affiliate products, amazon referrals, and read the benefits from the sales and adsense clicks you will definately receive from these visitors.
Articles Atkins Diet Articles $5.00
This article pack contains 25 plr articles on the atkins diet. The Atkins diet is still very popular and it has become a very well know phrase. A search for atkins diet yieldsover 3 million results which is a clear indicator thatn there is good money to be made in that niche and keyword. Take advantage of the numberous affiliate products and programs by capturing that audience with these articles.
Articles Back Pain Articles $15.00
This article pack contains 49 back pain articles. Back pain is a serious health issue for millions of Americans and hundreds of illions world wide. People spend a lot of money to find solutions or temporary aids that will help them relieve some pain or solve some issue with their back. You can help these people by posting these articles for them to read and learn.
Articles Basics of Investing PLR Pack $10.00
Please click the title to see full details of this premium article pack.
Articles Bathroom Remodeling Articles $5.00
Check out these 25 plr articles on bathroom remodeling. Click the title above to see the titles and sample excerpts. These articles will come in very handy for you and your visitors!
Articles Beach Vacations Articles $5.00
Here are 25 plr articles on the niche of beach vacations. hard times require some time to relieve the stress. Affiliate sales are paying a lot of cash nowadays since it is getting hard for these companies to make the sales. However with these articles, you are bound to convince someone to go on a beach vacation and they will click your referral link and make that buy and you will make some cold hard $. Checkout these 25 articles by clicking the title above.
Articles Blogging Articles $5.00
This article pack contains 10 plr blogging articles. Blogging is very popular and a tool of internet marketers. Step up your marketing game with these plr blogging articles.
Articles Blood Pressure PLR Articles $7.00
Here is a set of 27 blood pressure plr articles that were written by me and have never been distributed to anywhere but one website. I generated over $400 in sales with these articles.