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Accounting Articles

Our Price: $10.00

Accounting is something everyone does. It could be from small scale to large corporate scale accounting. These articles are perfect to get an insight of accounting and even learn the mistakes of some giants. Check out the article titles and sample excerpt below

  1. What Is Accounting Anyway?
  2. Basic Accounting Principles
  3. Accounting Principles
  4. Bookkeeping
  5. Careers
  6. Profit and Loss
  7. Bookkeeping Basics
  8. Personal Accounting
  9. Making a Profit
  10. Assets and Liabilities
  11. Gains and Losses
  12. Balance Sheet
  13. Revenue and Receivables
  14. Inventory and Expenses
  15. Depreciation
  16. Depreciation Reporting
  17. Investing and Financing
  18. Building Cash Reserves
  19. Quasar software
  20. Managing the Bottom Line
  21. What is the FASB?
  22. What are auditors?
  23. What is forensic accounting?
  24. Who uses forensic accountants?
  25. What is the Sarbanes-Oxley Act?
  26. What happened at Enron?
  27. What happened in corporate accounting scandals?
  28. Disclosure
  29. What is financial window dressing?
  30. What is a corporation?
  31. What are partnerships and limited liability companies?
  32. What is a sole proprietorship?
  33. Budgeting
  34. About GAAP
  35. Types of Costs
  36. Measuring Costs
  37. Parts of an Income Statement, part 1
  38. Parts of an Income Statement, Part 2
  39. Parts of an Income Statement, Part 3
  40. How to analyze a financial statement
  41. What is earnings per share
  42. What is price/earnings ratio
  43. What's the difference between private and public company reporting
  44. What are other ratios used in financial reporting
  45. What is acid test ratio and ROA ratio?
  46. What are independent auditors?
  47. What is accounting fraud?
  48. What does an audit do?
  49. What does an audit report contain?
  50. How is accounting used in business?

Following is a sample excerpt from the article "What are partnerships and limited liability companies?"

Some business owners choose to create partnerships or limited liability companies instead of a corporation. A partnership can also be called a firm, and refers to an association of a group of individuals working together in a business or professional practice.

While corporations have rigid rules about how they are structured, partnerships and limited liability companies allow the division of management authority, profit sharing and ownership rights among the owners to be very flexible.