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Weight / Fat Loss PLR Articles

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Weight loss and fat loss are the hottest keywords out there. This niche is highly profitable and certainly worth taking a stab at it. Here we have 20 articles that have not been previously sold. They were written specifically for this niche and given out to a handful amount of people. So what does this means? These articles have not been saturated and are still fresh. Upload these articles to your blogs, websites and have google and other SE's cache them and grab the traffic.  Check out the article titles and sample  exerpt below. Purchase them before they sell out, only 50 copies will be sold.

  1. 3 Tips For Quick Weight Loss
  2. 3 Weight Loss Tips
  3. 4 Tips To Lose Belly Fat
  4. Adjust Your Plate Size For Easy Weight Loss
  5. Calorie Negative Foods: Fact or Fiction
  6. Consider Enlisting Your Family in Your Weight Loss Program
  7. Focus and You Can Lose Weight Fast
  8. Four Foods to Burn Fat
  9. How to Lose Weight: Prepackaged Food Programs
  10. Is the Atkins Diet A Quick Weight Loss Diet?
  11. Know What A Serving Really Is
  12. Lose 10 Pounds Fast With The South Beach Diet
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  14. Lose Weight In A Week With Diet Pills
  15. Lose Weight In Two Weeks With A Low Calorie Program
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  17. Quick Weight Loss: Walk Off the Weight
  18. Secrets to Fast Weight Loss: Join a Fitness Center
  19. Tips to Lose Weight: What to Look for When Looking for a Fitness Center
  20. Tips to Lose Weight Fast 

Here is a sample exerpt of the article titled "Four Foods To Burn Fat"

Whether certain foods actually burn fat is being constantly debated. Currently there is no documentation that proves one way or the other in a controlled scientific study that any one particular food burns fat, when the calorie intake remains constant.  In other words everything stays the same.  The person eats the same amount and kind of food, maintains the same exercise schedule, and the same environment, the only thing that changes is the addition of the "fat burning" food. 

However, there are certain foods that are said to have this effect, fat burning effect on the body. Here are four foods to burn fat which are supposed to be effective.

1. Cayenne pepper: As you may know, eating spicy foods make you break out in a sweat. So it is said that Cayenne Pepper is one of the best fat burning spices. It seems it triggers a thermodynamic burn that helps burn calories for hours after eating it.  As contrary as it may sound your body uses energy trying to cool off. Adding cayenne pepper is easy, sprinkle it on eggs in the morning, in your salad dressing, and on your entrée.

2. Citrus Fruits: The Vitamin C in Citrus Fruits is supposed to be the component that burns fat. It is said to reduce the effectiveness of fat and can dilute or liquefy it to hasten its exit from the body. It might be beneficial to your weight loss program if you add some lemon juice to the water that you drink, consume orange juice regularly and try to have some grapefruit every morning.  The grapefruit with every meal diet is probably the best known of the citrus fat burning diets.